Sushi catered for your events in London


Finding the right Sushi caterer in London

Finding a good sushi catering company to be catered to your London event is quite the difficult task! While sushi is a great way to add an element of elegance to any event, it is a delicate food that must be prepared and served just right using the freshest ingredients in order to make the impression you desire. Sushi catering London based businesses are usualy available for hire through out the year.


1. Choosing a reputable company

The internet is an amazing and magical place filled with people just dying to share their experiences with you, good and bad. Use it! When a host or hostess finds an incredible London sushi caterer, you can be sure they are going to post rave reviews about them.

Likewise, when a host or hostess receives bad service or food that was not up to par, they will go out of their way to warn others against making the same mistake they did. Sites like and are filled with reviews that you can peruse before ever having to contact anyone.

It’s so nice to know what you are getting into without having to go through the process of setting up an appointment only to be disappointed once you get there. 



2. Asking the right questions

Every event is unique and with that comes very unique requests and needs. A vegetarian party will need sushi made entirely with vegetables, with maybe a cute “fruit sushi” for dessert. Any allergies need to be treated with the utmost care and caution, so finding a company that is able to work within those restrictions without sacrificing taste or presentation is crucial.

Nobody should feel as though their dietary restrictions are going to stop them from having a great time at your event. The guests comfort is always paramount and needs to be treated as such. Any quality sushi catering companies in London should be more than happy to assist with any and all dietary restrictions without compromising taste.


3. Securing the essentials

Sushi catering has more facets to it than just the rolls. You want to make sure that the sushi catering company is prepared for any and all situations that may arise. Being fully stocked with wasabi, soy sauce, spicy mayo and lots of chopsticks is absolutely essential.

You want to make sure that the catering company you choose has plenty of this on hand and is not going to charge you an exorbitant fee for these essentials. Those little “extras” can add up quickly and you do not want to waste your entire budget making sure each person has enough soy sauce and back up chopsticks in case they break (they will, I promise). Look for a company that includes all of this in their price. 


4. Alcohol procurement 

Sushi tends to be accompanied by particular types of alcohol, mainly sake. You want to make sure the London caterer you hire also has an option for a sake bar or at least has it on hand if guests want that. Most events will have a bar as well, with all of the standard drinks, but it is always nice to stay in theme and offer a traditional drink along with sushi to those who want it. 

 Japanese -Sake-in-Cup

5. Servers vs. buffet

A choice that must be made when choosing a London sushi caterer is whether you would like to hire servers to pass the sushi or set up a table buffet style for guest to visit at their own convenience. You want to make sure that the catering company you choose has an option for the avenue you would like to go down. Some sushi catering companies offer a private chef to prepare sushi right in front of guests at more intimate gatherings or a full wait staff to set up and serve at large events. Any sushi catering company you choose should be completely open to whatever vision you have for your event and enthusiastic about your dream become a reality. 


While finding sushi catering in London can seem like a daunting task at first, you’ll find that if you just follow these simple instructions and create a checklist you will be on your way to hosting you dream event in no time!

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