Mr. & Mrs. Okra

Our newest appetizer is called
"Mr. & Mrs. Okra". It is
tempura okra in our special
spicy sauce. They are perfectly
matched like the best couple!
Only a skilled chef can make
tempura light and crispy like
ours. Come try it soon!

Flu Buster Soup

Full of vitamins, garlic, ginger
and Japanese spices. It helps
keep you in your best health!

Taka used to be a musician...

The band he was in when he was just 19 years old became a champion of a popular band competition on Japanese TV. He attacted the attention of the famous musician, Masaki Ueda, who asked him to play base for him. Soon he became interested in making his own music.

Taka was inspired with sound track and background music, and he went into that area of the music industry where he made all the sound effects for the Japanese animated cyberpunk science fiction film “Akira”. It was widely cosidered to be a landmark in Japanese animation and film making in general.

He was also the first person to operate a computerized synthesizer called Synclavier that was used with big named musicians like Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. He worked with both while on their Japanese tours!

Taka helped make a CD for the world famous musician, Ryuichi will find Taka's name in his CD called, "Beauty".

After that he became interested in making music for movies and started to work for a company in that industry that sent him to the US to start an office. But the Japanese economy fell upon hard times and they told him to come back to Japan after only a year. He didn’t want to leave the US, so his wife Yumi decided to get a job because she spoke better English. They decided to stay in the US and plan a new future.

Taka worked many side jobs in restaurants, so his friends advised him to become a sushi chef so he could get a green card allowing him to remain in the USA. He worked for Sonoda in downtown Denver for 3 months then worked for Sushi Zanmai in Boulder for 10 years and now has his own restaurant, Matsuri here in Lyons!

Warning: If you would like to learn more about Taka and would like to ask him personally, please come to the restaurant on week days when we are not so busy. For all his skills and experiences, Taka cannot think in English and make sushi at the same time! Ha-ha!