Sushi Matsuri


Anjin Matsu

This site will be about the Sushi explosion in the west. This site will be updated with fun facts and detailed information about anything that is related to Sushi and Japanese cuisine. Specialising mainly on Sushi, the site will add some things around recipes as well as in the news information regarding Japanese food.

Some information about me, my name is Anjun Matsu, I am of Japanese origin and one of my main passions is food. I particularly chose Sushi as a subject because I believe that sushi is misunderstood in the west. Yes there are some great restaurants that I have visited in the west but I find that the Japanese food available is not always put together the right way, in Japan tradition is a very important aspect of the culture and food preparation is not about just putting together ingredients, there is an art to the preparation which the Japanese call “spirit”, it goes beyond just mere physical actions, in Japan there is the essence of concentration or “mind” that is involved with preparing food. I hope within my writings I am able to do justice to the traditions of Japan.