Chase the Music

Chase the Music commissions original music to be written and performed for children battling critical illnesses. Music is healing. The power and love expressed at a Chase the Music event changes the lifes of the child and others.

  • When I was undergoing my chemotherapy, it was the music that kept me going. Thomas M., 15 kidney, lung cancer
    CTM recipient 2014 - Cuttlefish

Kati’s Run, our most recent performance

This concert Kati, was a collaboration between Chase the Music, composer Nick Halsey of Cello Expressions, the Boulder Cello Project (and friends) with venue and production assistance from eTown.

Kati is an amazing little girl who lives with Ataxia telangiectsia (AT).  She has beaten cancer (the AT makes her more vulnerable to cancer).  Kati is only 13 years old. A very courageous and strong young lady!

The program was a mixture of Kati's favorite songs - popular music (like Coldplay & Adele), songs from a couple of musicals (Sound of Music & Mary Poppins) and classical music (Copland). The program featured an original composition  - 'Kati's Run' by Nick Halsey who flew out from Oregon to perform with the Boulder Cello Project (BCP) at this concert.  The piece, "Kati's Run", was named for Kati's love of skiing, and even though she isn't skiing now, she enjoys her runs on a piece of adaptive gear - the sit-ski.

Check out the video (right) of Kati's Run.  (Music starts @ 2' 38").

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