Mr. & Mrs. Okra

Our newest appetizer is called
"Mr. & Mrs. Okra". It is
tempura okra in our special
spicy sauce. They are perfectly
matched like the best couple!
Only a skilled chef can make
tempura light and crispy like
ours. Come try it soon!

Flu Buster Soup

Full of vitamins, garlic, ginger
and Japanese spices. It helps
keep you in your best health!

We are very happy and excited to have come far enough to be able to announce about our new business.  First of all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your generous donations as well as your encouraging and uplifting words to motivate us to move forward. We couldn’t have done this without your warm support.

As many of you may already know, we were involved in the 1000 year brutal and historical flooding in Lyons back in September, 2013.
Even though we could not re-open the restaurant, we couldn't give up on our dream to create and provide delicious healthy foods to promote wellbeing.  So, after much thinking, we finally came up with a business focused on “food for wellness”.  

Our new company name is “Arke” ~food for  wellnesss.
This means “beginning, original, or root” in Greek.  In philosophical terms, it means “the root of all things” or  “the underlying principle”.  For example, some philosophers identified “water” as arke.  Pythagoras identified “numbers” as arke.  Heraclitus identified “fire” as arke.  So, we want the food we prepare, our “food for well-being”, to be your arke, and to serve as the source and underlying principle of your healthy body.  Our mission is to help your mind, soul and tummy get happy!  During our careers of over 15 years, we have passionately studied and experimented to create “food for wellness” that people enjoy. We know everyone wants to "be healthy", however health is not always guaranteed. As professional chefs, we have been thinking how we can encourage good daily diet habits that promote a healthy body.  Food can build your body, but when it is inadequate food can also cause illness, allergies and other unhealthy conditions.  We would like to provide well balanced probiotic enhanced meals to improve gut and overall health. Meals that include all the necessary daily nutrients and build healthy intestinal bacteria and enzymes strengthen your immune system to prevent and fight illness and allergies symptoms.

Our meal plan provides a weekly delivery of 4 complete dinners.  All meals will contain 3 different dishes made using gluten free, organic, and natural ingredients sourced locally when possible. Our service eliminates all your stress related to thinking about what to eat, what to cook, what to buy, what to provide and much more!  All our meals contain all the essential daily nutrients and calorie calculations will be provided. 

Healthy food at home should not be difficult!

We will do most of the leg work including menu planning, grocery shopping, and most of the cooking. All our recipes will only take 10-15 minutes of your time to prepare with easy 1-2-3 step directions.  We also provide many ideas and tips for attractive food presentation as well as information on the nutritional value of the meals.
By including balanced nutrition and probiotic enhancement in our meals we hope to eliminate our customer's need for nutritional supplements while at the same time allowing them to strengthen their immune systems and achieve a healthy weight.

Please consider what “HEALTHY” really means for you as well as your partner, children and loved ones when deciding what to eat.  We would like to provide our meal plans to improve your family's wellbeing and allow you to spend your precious time with loved ones enjoying a delicious meal and each other rather than using all your energy just to "feed them" at home.

We would like our customers to experience the health benefits of eating for wellness.  We believe you will notice positive changes in your body if you allow 4 weeks for our probiotic enhanced food plans to start working.  So we offer contracts in 1 month intervals.
However, if you would like to skip a week, a month or completely cancel our service, just let us know in 2 weeks in advance.  We can be flexible to fit your schedule.

Get started today with a 1 month trial!
Please visit and register with a few simple steps.

Please visit us on facebook, instagram and twitter, as well. We would appreciate that if you can “like” us to help us get our new business going!

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call or e-mail
at (720)446-0190 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !  Our friendly personal meal planner will be happy to help you!


Taka & Yumi Sueyoshi
Arke, LLC